Material World

  • What is percale cotton?

  • Where is your cotton made?

  • Busting the Thread Count Myth

  • What is washed linen?

  • Where are your linens made?

  • What is Oeko-Tex certification?

  • What is stonewashing?


Tender Love & Care

  • How do I care for and clean my percale sheets?

  • How do I care for my linen bedding and table linens?

  • How do I care for my Coco-Linen bedding?

  • How do i care for my Muslin bedding?


Sleep Trial & Returns

  • How does it work?

  • If I live outside Canada do I have to pay for my return shipping?

  • What do you guys do with the returned items?

  • In what conditions should the be returned

  • What is the exchange policy

  • How to make an exchange or return?


Pricing Policy

  • Price

  • Promocodes

  • What is your price adjustment policy?


Shipping & Handling

  • Shipping

  • What Postal service do you use for Canadian orders?

  • What postal service is used for orders to the United States?

  • Tracking Your Order

  • Refused Shipments

  • Do you ship internationally?